Covid: Understanding The Infection, Long COVID, And The Massage Therapy Adaptations (Tempe, Arizona)

8058 South Priest Drive Suite 101, Tempe, Arizona 85284, United States

June 9, 2023 8:30-5:00pm

This hands on class is designed to help massage therapists gain the understanding of the cumulative effect of having covid, its effect on multi organ systems in the body, and the long-term effects of living with long covid/PASC. The U.S. Government Accountability Office in May of 2022 released that up to 23 million Americans are suffering from long covid. With these alarming numbers considerations need to be taken with the complexity of the diagnosis to understand how massage is beneficial and how to safely adapt massage for those living with longhaulers. Post Covid Care Centers have been created throughout the US and they are recommending integrative, functional, and allopathic medicine, along with massage to help longhaulers manage their symptoms. 

Class Fee:  $145.00

Class Size Limit: 16

Kim Corpus is a LMT in private practice and worked at Crouse Hospital. She also educates in the field of massage therapy on how to safely adapt massage for special populations like pregnancy, infants, pediatrics, trauma, bariatrics, mental health, clinical, and with post covid patients living with PASC/Long Covid. In 2019, she created the pregnancy massage practices and protocols for Elements Massage Inc., the third largest massage chain in the US. In 2021, she contracted Covid and is now living with PASC/Long Covid. Going through this painful life changing journey, she discovered that massage therapists need to understand the infection, how to safely approach and adapt massage for those living with the different long term multi-systemic effects of the covid infection. She is currently traveling the country providing education on massage within special populations like pregnancy, mental health, the infection of Covid, and PASC/Long Haulers.