Ruff Day Resort

Welcome to Hope4YourCanine!

We are Rochester's number one place for the dog training answers you desire. We will help you create the life you envisioned when you brought a dog into your home.

Find out how easy it is to have a happy healthy relationship with your dog.

Using positive based training, each dog is evaluated as an individual. We don't tell you how to train your dog over the phone. We meet each dog and all of it's family members. We don't use shock collars or methods that are considered forceful.
We offer family friendly training and different solutions for all lifestyles.

When you are too busy, allow us to take the leash and handle the training for you in YOUR home or our group facilities. We also offer private lessons with you at your home, it's your choice!
"We will work with any dog."

Amy Holtz and her team are available for private consultations, group classes, and demonstrations to help any individual or group learn how to have a happy healthy relationship with their dogs. Please call 585-347-4033 for an appointment.



Ruff Day Resort

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