Research has shown that massage therapy and cranial sacral therapy are effective in the treatment of disorders that include, but are not limited to:

Pediatric Massage or Cranial Sacral Therapy

Kim teaches and believes that massage should always be child directed so she books sessions in ½ hour increments to support what the child needs and can integrate.

In a session she will customize it to the child and can use massage or cranial sacral to help the child during the session.

Fees range from $50 to $80

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Adult Massage or Cranial Sacral Therapy

Each session is tailored to what is needed to support where you are at that day.  Sessions are from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. (Exception is the Arvigo 1st session which is 2 hours)

Each session is customized to help with a condition or diagnosis and for what your body and mind are needing to destress and let go.

Fees range from $50 to $200

If you have Flex spending or a HSA the appointment maybe covered, please bring your card with you at first visit.

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